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May 10, 2009


Santee Rosales

Spalding Gray? never heard of him till now. Very interesting man; unbelievable story telling skills, hands down. One of my perfect moments happens in my teens when I witnessed a buddy of mine, who had to desperately use the restroom, ends up accidentally bursting into a public restroom stall, breaking the lock. But what's funny is, it happened while some middle-aged man was taking a #2. My friend pauses for a very long second, who knows why, probably due to shock. Then, he quickly says sorry with a smile on his face, and we storm out of the bathroom with uncontrollable laughter. I never got to see the reaction of the man on the toilet, but I'm glad. Oh well, I always wondered what the heck he was thinking? He was probably terrified. haha!! You had to be there. Good times!!

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